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The power of automation for all users, across business functions and applications.

    Zero Coding Drag & Drop Interface On The Fly Configurations Custom Integration

In order to meet the growing need for secure and reliable cloud integration solutions, Automate-Data offers a modern Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) which can integrate with multiple SaaS applications and locally hosted applications using our pre-built connectors. With protocols like HTTP, FTP, Open Data Protocol and Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol our application makes it more simple and efficient send and receive data across platforms.

Integration with solcial media platforms and publication sites make it easier to publish your products and get the leads back to your applications.

With our real-time processing you can upload data from files, clean and transform data in formats like XML and JSON as per the requirements and send it different applications securly.


  • Zero Coding

    Specially designed for non-technical and business users. Create integrations without code or IT help

  • Drag & Drop Interface

    Use our drag and drop feature to map data flow between apps. Create complex workflows with ease.

  • On The Fly Configurations

    Jump start your workflows on the fly with our automation templates.

  • Custom Integration

    Getting custom integrations with applications is just a phone call away.

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